Software developer working on public transit trip planning and data compression at Transit. Interested in software performance, debug tooling and compilers. Currently living in the Kootenays, a rural and mountainous region of British Columbia.


  • viz, an extremely fast GTFS schedule visualizer and analysis tool implemented in C++, Python and JS. Created with @jsteelz. (Github)

  • chemlogic, a tool to help students learn to solve high school chemistry problems like balacing equations and stoichiometric calculations, implemented in Prolog. (Github)

  • TransitApp/GTFS-blocks-to-transfers. Open-source project developed at Transit. Applies heuristics to automatically detect in-seat transfers and generate trip-to-trip transfer data based on block assignment information.

  • philble, Python client for Bluetooth-enabled Phillips Hue lights.

  • minervaclient, a command-line interface for McGill University's course registration system and many other services. (Github)