Software developer working on public transit trip planning and data compression at Transit. Interested in software performance, debug tooling and compilers. Currently based out of the Kootenays, in the mountains of British Columbia.


  • gtfs-explorer, a tool to query GTFS feeds with SQLite, and automatically visualize data with maps. All queries run in the browser based using phiresky/sql.js-httpvfs.

  • viz, an extremely fast GTFS schedule visualizer and analysis tool implemented in C++, Python and JS. Created with @jsteelz. (Github)

  • chemlogic, a tool to help students learn to solve high school chemistry problems like balacing equations and stoichiometric calculations, implemented in Prolog. (Github)

  • TransitApp/GTFS-blocks-to-transfers. Open-source project developed at Transit. Applies heuristics to automatically detect in-seat transfers and generate trip-to-trip transfer data based on block assignment information.

  • philble, Python client for Bluetooth-enabled Phillips Hue lights.

  • minervaclient, a command-line interface for McGill University's course registration system and many other services. (Github)